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Why is it worth working with us?

  • In case of non-rented apartment our service is free of charge
  • Handling fee is 8% of the rental fee
  • We provide professional in-house service: accounting, legal advice, maintenance

  • Flexible management contract with short notice period

Property management

Keeping contact with tenants, dealing with rental fee and overheads and checking the property on a regular basis: Szilvia Fazekas.

Legal advice

The legal counsel is Dr. Mariann Bakos whose area of expertise is the law of condominiums.

Technical maintenance

György Rácz deals with technical maintenance.

Professional property management

The rising processes of the real estate market in the beginning of the 2000s generated a group of foreign property owners who entrusted private people with handling their investments. Budapest was loud of English, Israeli and Irish investors due to its outstanding return rates. This market established and developed the profession that has already been working in the foreign countries’ developed business culture. Besides this a transparent stable rental market has set up in the last years where the yield of an apartment’s rental fee produces great numbers. That led to the rising interest and demand of the inland owners for this kind of investment and service at last. The rising Hungarian clientele basically comes out of the owners living in Budapest and having many properties or living abroad or in the countryside. Analyzing our competitors we came to the conclusion that we can provide a qualified service to our clients by working with a limited portfolio. Our basic idea also stems from that we only undertake what we are able to provide in a high quality level.

Search and selection of the tenants

Those landlords who have already met experienced tenants know that renting out an apartment hides many dangers and „return rate” is not even so simple. Selection of the appropriate tenant is the basic interest of the property management company as after the handover of the apartment we are in connection with them and most of the time the owners doesn’t even meet their tenant.

Property management in downtown of Budapest

Our company undertakes property management with many years of experience in downtown of Budapest. We undertake a personalized service for beginner and experienced owners with precise reckoning. We undertake high quality professional support for those who rent out their apartment as an investment for long term: - they originally purchased it for investment purposes, even more properties – they won’t use the apartment habitually for a few years (working abroad, moving together, inheritance)

Complete building operation

We undertake joint representation and building operation within the administrative boundaries of Budapest. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Call us with confidence!

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